Best Indie games from Gamescom 2022

Shaun M Jooste


Gamescom 2022 has come and gone, and many of us gamers are still living in the aftermath of our dreams. While there are plenty of titles from AAA publishers, some indie games also caught my attention. It’s impressive what many of these independent developers are making these days. 

I’ve decided to pull together a list of the top 10 indie games from Gamescom 2022. They should wet your gaming appetite so long while we wait for other titles to appear. Be sure you don’t miss my guide on the best games announced overall at the gaming convention.

Best Indie games from Gamescom 2022
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The Devil Within: Satgat

Demons entering our world and destroying it has become a common theme in modern gaming. The Devil Within: Satgat forms a foundation with that concept, presenting a 2.5-dimensional perspective. The action looks intense from the gameplay videos shown at Gamescom 2022.

The Devil Within: Satgat DOWNLOAD

Even though you’re a hero trying to rid the world of evil, you eventually need to accept the dark powers to become more powerful. It will be interesting to see what abilities you’ll unlock. For now, the graphics and effects look outstanding.


I’ve just come from a weekend of testing Ikonei Island for a review, so it’s no surprise that Orbisia appeals to me. It’s an open-world survival game where you explore and craft. Sure, there’s a nice story that goes along with it, but that’s all I need to know.


Slated for December 2022, the main goal of Orbisia is to maintain the balance of the fantasy world. It will have multiplayer features, which means you can join with friends. While you may want to fight some of the creatures, it may be best to focus on strengthening your shelter first.


I love indie games that try something new that we’ve never or rarely seen before. When Wetory appears at Gamescom 2022, it blew many minds with the twisted gameplay mechanics. It may look like a basic game at first until you see how much is involved at a later stage.


Wetory has a combination of several genres. In some ways, it has elements of horror and mystery. It’s a 3D action platform game that also includes puzzles and battles. The premise is a small child that was abandoned, leaking colors, and determined to get them back. Each color has a different ability, which links to the skill tree. It’s truly fascinating.

Lies of P

Now here’s an interesting twist on a familiar fairy tale. Remember Pinocchio, the wooden puppet that wanted to be a real boy? In Lies of P, he’s a mechanoid, and he still has the same dream. When he arrives in the city of Krat, he receives a note that he needs to find Geppetto.

Lies of P will be a thrilling action-adventure game with stunning visuals and effects. The Gamescom 2022 trailer was breathtaking, and I can’t wait to see what Neowiz does with it. Also worth noting is how they use the lying trait as an objective toward becoming human.

High on Life

I’m sure you’ve already heard about High in Life before Gamescom 2022, but it was good to see more highlights. With independent developer Squanch Games at the helm, you’ll have a good laugh at some of the things those alien guns have to say. Just be sure not to have your children around, as there’s some swearing involved.

High on Life DOWNLOAD

The story focuses on aliens invading Earth to harvest humans for drugs. It’s a weird concept, but you’ll quickly take to your alien guns as you blast the alien cartel to smithereens. It looks like we’ll see it in action in December later this year. Of course, it depends on if they don’t delay it. You know, for quality’s sake.

Wizardry: The Five Ordeals

Are you looking for a classic dungeon-crawling game that hails from 2006 with improved interfaces and features? Wizardry: The Five Ordeals appeared at Gamescom 2022 with fans glad to see the return. It retains most of the retro look and functions, but you’ll find more intuitive gameplay elements.

I’ll be honest; I didn’t get much into dungeon-crawling games back in the day as I was told Dungeons & Dragons was evil. While I might have missed out on it in that period, it will be nice to get my hands on Wizardry: The Five Ordeals. I like that you can choose various scenarios, at least.


If you can’t wait anymore for Diablo IV, you’ll be happy to see ANVIL finally leave Early Access in the next year or so. With an initial release in December last year, you use machines called Breakers to visit distant galaxies and planets. The goal is to find vaults, fight the aliens guarding them, and then loot the buildings. 


The fighting mechanics consist of shooting and evading while unleashing your abilities. ANVIL will ask you to grind away at the planets, as they randomly generate resources. Even if you die, you can rebuild the Breaker with the earned experience and make it more powerful.


Ever since Among Us became popular, we’ve seen a plethora of social deduction games appear. Gamescom 2022 was no different with independent developer Mumu Studio entering the scene with DUBIUM. It’s very similar in terms of a space shuttle and science fiction, but in a realistic 3D environment.


Even the premise is the same. All crew members need to attend to tasks to make sure the spaceship survives and everyone doesn’t die. One among them is a traitor, wanting to escape the ship and make sure no one is left alive. I think DUBIUM is going to be surprisingly popular when it launches.

Angel Stone / Mirror City

For the last two indie games from Gamescom 2022, I decided to aim for two mobile titles. First up is Angel Stone, an RPG game by Skywalk. It’s a dungeon crawler with PvP elements that appear to have excellent graphics.

Angel Stone DOWNLOAD

There are different classes like you’d find in Diablo Immortal, and there’s plenty of action on the battlefield. Each class has a different set of skills you’ll have to unlock. You’ll also have timed quests in some situations, so the pressure will be on you to complete them.

ZOOSPORTS – The Football

Here’s a team battle game that features football as the main element. ZOOSPORTS – The Football will have interesting characters and playing fields with only two buttons on mobile devices. The beta is already out for testing, but I’m expecting more updates as the year progresses.

Each match is only about three minutes long, so you’ll have to have your fingers and wits ready. There is a small element of strategy involved. It should be noted that they’re talking about American football as opposed to soccer. You can expect some tough matches ahead.

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