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The top 15 Salesforce extensions for Google Chrome

The top 15 Salesforce extensions for Google Chrome


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Salesforce is a cloud-based software that offers numerous tools for promoting sales and managing clients. When combined with Google Chrome, this Customer Relation Management app turns into the most robust sales platform on the market.

Salesforce DOWNLOAD

Here are the best 15 Chrome extensions to enhance Salesforce.


This simple Gmail integration blends all the Salesforce features you love with your email client. You can view your contacts or clients, browse records, implement appointments, see when your messages have been read, and use Salesforce email templates. All without slowing down Gmail’s impressive performance.

Salesforce DOWNLOAD
Connect to Gmail for added functionality

Salesforce Inspector

Developers and administrators can use this extension to view metadata and other stats. The inspector UI is overlaid above the basic Salesforce UI for easy use. The data facilitates enhanced productivity in the Salesforce backend.

Salesforce Inspector DOWNLOAD
Inspect each component with this tool

Dark Mode for Salesforce

Dark Mode is increasingly popular with computer users who work into the night. As Salesforce does not provide a way to darken your screen intrinsically, download this handy extension to enable it. You can also toggle a blue light filter to prevent eye strain and damage.

Dark Mode for Salesforce DOWNLOAD
Example of Dark Mode

ORGanizer for Salesforce

This extension allows you to swiftly access the accounts of your most frequent clients. You can open multiple organization tabs at once and cycle between them with just a click. Use the quick links tool to keep your reliable Salesforce links at the ready in an easily sharable format.

ORGanizer for Salesforce DOWNLOAD
Organize contacts automatically

Salesforce Lightning Inspector

Lightning Inspector offers multiple improvements to component development. You can inspect components, navigate through them, identify performance bottlenecks, and monitor server debug responses. Finally, the app tracks event firing and handling sequences.

Salesforce Lightning Inspector DOWNLOAD
Like inspector but for lightning components

Salesforce Colored Favicons

Keeping each favicon organized can be tricky by default. However, this extension allows you to color-code each organization tab with unique favicons. When a new tab opens, a random color is selected. You may also manually pick the color of each tab from the options page.

Salesforce Colored Favicons DOWNLOAD
Colored Favicons make organization easy Quick Login As

Swapping between user accounts can be a pain because you must reopen the current page you are viewing. With Salesforce Quick Login As, you can switch user logins while remaining on the same page. Each tab is also maintained. The extension supports both classic and lightning configurations. Quick Login As DOWNLOAD
Swap users instantly Enhanced Formula Editor

Salesforce coders should download this add-on immediately. With Enhanced Formula Editor, you can highlight syntaxes, format auto-complete functionality, run field analysis, and simplify syntax checking. When using Salesforce formulas, the handy interface will allow you to edit and debug with haste. The code editor pop-up menu includes data on numerous formulas running in the application. Enhanced Formula Editor DOWNLOAD
Enhance your formula reading today

Salesforce LinkedIn Integration by Salesbolt

This app supports full integration with LinkedIn services, making it perfect for both regular users and recruiters alike. You automatically receive Salesforce data while browsing LinkedIn profiles. This helps you build new leads, candidates, accounts, and contacts. Each function is available without any prior configuration on your side.

Salesforce LinkedIn Integration by Salesbolt DOWNLOAD
Integrate LinkedIn to save time

Enhance Salesforce Dashboard

The basic Salesforce dashboard is a bit cumbersome for larger operations. This Enhanced dashboard extension adds a total of 7 columns for components. You can even hide dashboard headers to save space. The auto-refresh feature updates your sales data in real-time by checking for new data every second.

Enhance Salesforce Dashboard DOWNLOAD
Refresh the dashboard every second

Gmail to Salesforce

Add the power of Salesforce to your Gmail inbox with this extension. By clicking the Salesforce button, you can attach received components directly to your emails. Conversely, you can create emails and send them directly to Salesforce object accounts.

Gmail to Salesforce DOWNLOAD
Email integration makes everything easier

Salesforce Security

This Chrome add-on protects your most sensitive data via a variety of methods. It scans every extension on your system for agents that steal Salesforce data. When using Salesforce sites like, all extensions unrelated to Salesforce are temporarily disabled. This blocks malicious attempts such as Facebook hijacking, spyware, ads injection, and user tracking to name a few.

Salesforce Security DOWNLOAD
Bolster security by checking other extensions

Salesforce DevTools

Salesforce DevTools offers advanced features such as exporting object fields and page layout definitions into Microsoft Excel files. There is a modal data generator, and even a way to view the display files API name on the object detail page. If you need to generate Apex code or SOQL, this extension has you covered.

Salesforce DevTools DOWNLOAD
Use DevTools to swiftly add new code

Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher

The fastest search method is one you customize yourself. With Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher, you can search customized fields and set permissions. The app also lets you look up individual names and user profiles individually. Creating your own labels helps you keep it all organized. When first learning this extension, follow the tooltips to get started quickly.

Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher DOWNLOAD
Search for code with enhanced metadata

15 to 18-Digit ID Converter

Your old 15-digit IDs will not always be compatible with the latest Salesforce extensions and updates. Using this tool allows you to convert your old numbers to the contemporary 18-digit format. Type in the old value and click convert to complete the process in a manner of seconds.



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