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6 apps that will help you ace your next test

6 apps that will help you ace your next test
Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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Few life events stress us out as much as an upcoming exam — especially one that weighs heavily on our final grade. Luckily, today’s students can use technology to get a leg up. Check out these great resources to supercharge your test-prep efforts.

6 apps that will help you ace your next test

1. Cite This For Me

It’s not enough to write a great report. You also have to cite your sources properly. APA, Harvard, Chicago, MLA — it’s a lot to learn! Good thing Cite This For Me exists. Use it to totally nail your bibliographies, references, and citations.

2. iTunes U

Looking for materials to help you put together a killer paper or nail that big exam? iTunes U provides access to loads of lectures, books, videos, and other collegiate-level learning resources from respected higher-ed institutions (Yale, Stanford, Oxford, MIT, and more). Plus, it’s all free.


3. Grafio

Visual learners, rejoice! Grafio is an app that helps you create diagrams for days. There are some similar apps out there, but this one is by far the most polished. Turn your notes into diagrams and charts so you can create a study map that makes sense to you. The app also supports integrated audio recordings to help you further customize your visual aids.

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4. Notability

This note-taking app lets you do notes your own way. Import files and data, convert your handwritten notes, or “write” directly in the app. You can also create, sign, and share documents using Notability. Additionally, the app lets you record and play back audio.

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5. My Study Life

If getting through the semester feels like chaos, try organizing your workload with My Study Life. This app is a student’s best friend — especially an organizationally-challenged student. Get reminders about study groups, upcoming exams, due dates, classes, and more. Use the app to carve out time to study, and set alarms to help you stick to it.

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6. Quizlet

Remember those good old flashcards? They’re actually a very effective way for many people to absorb and remember information. Quizlet lets you create your own virtual flashcard sets to study. The app also lets you make your own cool learning aids, such as games that make studying a lot less boring.

Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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