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Best YouTube DJ tutorials

Best YouTube DJ tutorials
Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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This week we’re continuing to look at all the fantastic opportunities that you can exploit through your PC, smartphone, or tablet even if you’re stuck in the house.  This week we’re going to mix it up a little by concentrating on music and in particular, DJing and performing music. All week we’re going to be bringing you articles that will help you develop your musical talents.

Best YouTube video DJ guides

If you’re a DJ, it is now possible to keep all your music on your laptop and to seamlessly mix your songs together using a DJ controller, DJ software, and programs. There’s no need to invest in expensive turntables or CDJs, and you don’t need to cart around crates of heavy vinyl records. You can, of course, still do both, however, if you want to. As well as this newly enhanced accessibility, you’re also now able to find all the training materials and guides you could ever need to master all the technical wizardry that the top DJs have at their fingertips. Today, we’re going to help you find the best of these, focusing on YouTube video tutorials and guides.

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DJ video tutorials

Below are the four best YouTube channels we’ve found for learning how to become a DJ. Check out any one of them for all the help you need to get started as a beginner DJ and then move on to more advanced DJ techniques.

DJ Tech Tools

The DJ Tech Tools YouTube channel likes to think of itself as a central internet hub for all digital DJs looking to make a name for themselves in the world of music. As well as the YouTube channel, which has a very handsome 310,000 subscribers and has racked up a massive 54,000,000 video views, DJ Tech Tools also publishes weekly articles and guides on all things DJ related. Today though, we’re looking at the YouTube video guides.

DJing is a massive subject with many different subjects. The DJ Tech Tools videos are short and insightful, usually coming in at between 10 – 15 minutes. They cover all the different angles you’d expect including setting up midi controllers, gear reviews and guides, and even unique tutorials into niche skills like mixing in reverse. If there’s a negative to say about this channel, it is that the videos aren’t very well organized, which means beginners might find it difficult knowing where to start. For all intermediate and above DJs, however, there is an impressive breadth of information here that will prove invaluable in the right hands.

Jon Sine

Jon Sine is an independent House DJ and music producer. That means that as well as playing other people’s tunes in his sets, he also makes his own songs to play too. In truth, with DJing being so much more accessible these days if you want to land yourself a good gig, you’re going to have to grab the promoter’s attention with your own songs. This makes Sine’s channel a fantastic resource for anybody hoping to break through as it offers guidance on both tracks of career progression.

If you’re just starting out though, and making your own beats sounds a little daunting, don’t worry as Sine has created a fantastic playlist called Everything DJing, which is well organized and will walk you through all you need to do to learn the skills required to make it behind the decks. He also brings in guests from the industry to explain their routes to success to give you more perspective. His little guides into smaller subjects such as basic transitions and even subjects like the practical considerations that come with making a living as a DJ are excellent too.


The Crossfader YouTube channel is an online DJ school based in the UK that is dedicated to helping the next generation of global superstar DJs find a place for themselves in the industry. Over at the Crossfader website you’ll all manner of guides and courses grouped into categories like Serato DJ, Rekordbox, Traktop, Pioneer DJ, and Performance. Many of these premium courses and resources come with a hefty price tag but over at the Crossfader YouTube channel, you can find many great video guides for free.

As well as great weekly mixes and uploads the Crossfader YouTube channel also comes with gear reviews, tips and tricks split into equipment categories, and all manner of helpful bits of advice. As well as technical guides you’ll also find simpler stuff here like how to sort your music library and which software you should use for different tasks. If you’re taking your DJing seriously, you need to check out this channel.

Digital DJ Tips

Digital DJ Tips is another online DJ and music production school. So far, the Digital DJ Tips YouTube channel has amassed almost 40,000,000 video views with each one of those helping an up and coming DJ in one way or another. This is a slick channel full of well-produced guides that include a plethora of big-name DJ guests such as the superstar DJ Laidback Luke.

What’s also interesting about Digital DJ Tips is that as well as grouping its videos into categories based on equipment manufacturers and software developers it also groups content into music genre too. This often-overlooked distinction means you’ll find different guides for aspiring Hip Hop DJs compared against the guides you’ll for House or Techno DJs. This channel is very well organized too meaning it’ll be easy for DJs of all levels to find the video they’re after whether that be about the basics of mixing or how to live stream your sets like a boss. There’s a lot of great content here and this site should not be overlooked.

Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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