BlackBerry Messenger arriving on Android, iOS this weekend

We already knew that BlackBerry Messenger would be coming to Android (4.0 and up) and iOS (iOS 6 and 7) with a bunch of leaked information from across the internet. We expected that BlackBerry Messenger would be coming today but the company has written a blog post saying BBM will be arriving this weekend. Android users will get first serve on September 21st while iOS users will have to wait one day after.

BBM for Android and iOS will be offered as a free download and will offer real-time messaging with read receipts, group messaging with up to 30 friends, and will let you post personal updates.

The company also highlighted the fact that there are 60 million BlackBerry customers who spend an average of 90 minutes per day on BBM. Still, there are messaging apps out there that have more than double BlackBerry’s user base like LINE (over 200 million) and WhatApp (over 250 million). BlackBerry Messenger has to be a killer app that offers something beyond other established multi-platform messaging programs.


What messaging app do you use? Will you give BlackBerry Messenger a try?

Source: BlackBerry

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