Bring some Christmas cheer to your Mac

Bring some Christmas cheer to your Mac

It’s that time of year when any download with a Christmas theme rockets up the charts. Santa screensavers, Christmas tree icons and snowfall on your desktop abound while any game that involves squeezing Santa down a chimney in the race to deliver all his presents on time suddenly become hot property. With this in mind, here are a few ways for Mac users to get in on the action and bring Christmas to your desktop.

A Very 3D Christmas Screen SaverA Very 3D Christmas Screen Saver Get into the Christmas spirit with this jolly 3D screensaver which features Santa delivering presents in his sleigh. However, this particular Santa is a complete slacker, so as the reindeer pull him through the sky while he stuffs his fat face with mince pies, his elf does all the hard work. Very amusing (kind of).

Christmas Crisis

Christmas Crisis Yes, the inevitable Santa Christmas delivery game where you have to run around like a maniac so that all the kids get their presents. Christmas Crisis sees you fly over cities and drop presents down chimneys, with the aim being to maintain a 70% success rate to save Christmas. Your main obstacles are planes and gifts smashing on the ground if you miss the chimneys.

3D Magic Christmas Toy Shop3D Magic Christmas Toyshop Probably one of the most intricate and detailed Christmas screensavers you’ll ever see. Watch the giftshop slowly comes alive with a moving train, dancing teddy bear, marching toy soldiers, a countdown to Christmas day, functional clock and calendar plus a dancing snowman frolics in the falling snow outside. 3D Magic Christmas contains realistically modeled 3D animated images and a backing soundtrack to the theme of Let it Snow.

Santa and the City 3D Christmas Screen SaverSanta and the City 3D Christmas Screen Saver Forget those cackling old hens in Sex in the City, this is a lot more fun than watching 5 women have a mid life crisis (well if you’re a bloke anyway). Watch Santa fly through the city with some amazingly detailed and beautifully illustrated 3D graphics and scenarios. You can choose to view the sleigh from any angle although the 50 Christmas tunes available will drive you mad.

Vladstudio Christmas Wallpaper PackVladstudio Christmas Wallpaper Pack Probably the most elegant pack of wallpapers you’ll find this Christmas. Vladstudio Christmas Wallpaper Pack includes 25 wallpapers designed for 1440 x 900 screens featuring winter landscapes, snowmen and penguins. More wallpapers and resolutions (up to 2560 x 1600, made exclusively for 30 inch Cinema Display) are also available on the Vladstudio site.

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