Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – 5.5 multiplayer tips

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is here, and it is as good as we hoped. If you are getting started on the multiplayer and are feeling daunted by the changes, here is our refresher guide.

1) Wait… you are totally new to CoD?

Yup, if you have played Call of Duty before you may as well skip over this. But just in case you are new, here are a couple of quick pointers.

Team Deathmatch is the mode you want to start on. Its fast paced, but you should live long enough to get some practice in with each weapon in order to decide what works for you.

Also, take this time to adjust your stick/mouse sensitivity until you are comfortable – there nothing worse than constantly dying because everyone else on the battlefield can aim faster.

2) I like the way you move

The latest Call of Duty, once again, significantly alters movement. You are mobile than in many previous installments, but not quite as nimble as in the last installment, Advanced Warfare. The new thrust ability sits nicely between Black Ops 2’s mantling and Advanced Warfare’s jetpack which, when placed along side wall-runs, creates a momentum based system that requires skill to master.

These free-running and thruster abilities can be easily likened to games liken Titanfall, and they add a lot of options to how you get around the map. This means you have rethink cover. You are no longer safe behind that wall, and attacks can come from the left, right, or over the top. More importantly though, when considering attacks remember you too can vault, clamber, leap, and bound your way around the map to try and catch your adversaries unaware.

Oh, and master all of these new found mobility skills on the training missions.

3) Learn maps and routes

Call of Duty has always used verticality to its maps, but Black Ops 3’s extra mobility has made this even more important. Learn the maps, but also learn all the different ways you can now navigate them.

A skilled free-runner can catch unsuspecting players off-guard by scrambling their way across unlikely routes to higher levels. So, even if you can’t manage this reliably yourself initially, learn these routes so no one can get the drop on you.

And, as always, keep moving – stationary targets don’t last long (this isn’t Destiny).

4) Get that sweet XP

As previously stated Teamdeath Match is a great place to start, but another good way to get your all-important XP level up is with Capture the Flag – and to hang about to the end of a match even if your team is losing to get that sweet XP bump.

Also, think about is equipping achievable Scorestreaks. Even if they are not the best you have unlocked, setting a streak with a lower kill goal means that you will have more opportunity to use them, which in turn nets you better XP rewards.

Regularly switching weapons and Specialists can give you an XP bump too, but I tend to side with mastering what I am comfortable with – the choice there is yours.

5) War has changed (and so have the guns)

This year the Call of Duty community has spoken and decided that, of all the various weapon classes available, the LMGs is the weapon of choice – with a nod also going to SMGs.

LMGs are not only powerful this year, they are also incredibly versatile thanks to being easily able to deal damage at close and mid-range with ease.

This flexibility is particularly handy as a CQC attack is no longer a guaranteed kill. That’s right, getting up on a foe and knifing them is no longer an automatic kill, so a quick burst and stab is the best way to handle close encounters.

5.5) Specialize

I mentioned them before, but the addition of Specialists to multiplayer is significant. Each of these nine hero-like characters have their own unique weapons and abilities that are charged as matches unfurl, and knowing how to use these skills can change the flow of the match.

You level each class independently, but learning which works for your play style is vital. And, spoiler, it may not be the one you like the look of. Check out our quick reference guide to the Specialists for a better idea of who suits your play style.

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