Check out your worldwide and personal Facebook Year in Review

Check out your worldwide and personal Facebook Year in Review

Once again Facebook has released its Year in Review, which shows us what people have been talking about and sharing in 2013 worldwide. You can also see your own personal year in review, and one of your friends.

The most talked about topic on Facebook was Pope Francis, followed by Election and Royal Baby. This reflects how Facebook is becoming more popular as a place to share and discover news. It also reminds us how quickly things change: Harlem Shake was the 5th most talked about topic in 2013, but who talks about that now?

There’s also data on Life Events that users have shared, with ‘Added a relationship, got engaged or got married’ being the most popular.

As well as global trends you can explore local trends from 16 countries, including the US, UK and Canada. Trends were collected by measuring mentions of words and hashtags in Facebook posts.

If you want to look at your own 2013 year in review, head to There you’ll get a chronological run through the 20 highlights of your year, according to Facebook’s algorithms. You can also look at the top moments your friends shared throughout the year.

Unfortunately, you can’t see the Year in Review on Facebook’s mobile apps. However, all the above links do work on Facebook’s mobile browser version, so you can view them on your phone or tablet that way.


[Source: Facebook Year in Review]

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