Civilization V – Gods and Kings demo out now

Civilization V – Gods and Kings demo out now

If you have Steam – free to download and use for Windows and Mac – you can now play the demo for Civilization V – Gods and Kings. It’s the first expansion pack for Civilization V, and adds religion to the mix, along with nine new civilizations including the Celts and Maya.

Building your own religion and nurturing prophets can have a huge effect on the game, as the traits you give your religion will affect how its followers act in the future. Espionage has also been introduced but it doesn’t have such a great effect in the game.

Download the demo here for Windows and here for Mac.

What Civilization V – Gods and Kings does give you is lots more content to enjoy. Even though the tweaks and gameplay additions aren’t revolutionary, if you like Civilization V, this is more of it and that can’t be a bad thing!

Have a look at what you can expect in this extended trailer:

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