Create karaoke DVD’s for any song

MicrophoneThere’s nothing like a good session of karaoke although it’s annoying when the song you want to sing is not available. There’s only one thing for it in these circumstances – make your own. And one of the best programs I’ve used for this is AV Video Karaoke Maker. The program automatically synchronizes music with the words based on your guidance to the tempo so you can create your very own genuine karaoke sessions. Similar programs can be rather complicated but what I like about this is that it’s very straightforward.

Just add the song you prefer and the words in a simple text file and then synchronize the soundtrack with the words. The program then changes the color of the words as they play. You can also add video, complete with information on the song labels and convert files to karaoke videos in several formats. As an extra bonus, you can also create subtitles for a movie DVD which can also be used to create your own DVD karaoke and movie subtitles. The text editing function is a pleasure to use and in fact, I’d prefer to use this than some purpose made subtitling programs even if it doesn’t offer as many options.

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