Create your very own Oscar pool for free online

This coming Sunday February 27 ushers in the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars. If you’re a huge film buff, you’ve probably already seen all the nominated movies and RSVPed for your Oscar night party of choice. If you want to obtain true movie expert bragging rights however, you’ll need to step it up a level this year and create an Oscar pool for friends and family online.

Here are three free web apps that’ll help you do just that:

Picktainment Oscar Pools: Create a public or private group with as many members as you want for free with this useful online tool. Members can cast their ballot choices any time before the Oscars actually start on Sunday. In the interim, anyone who’s a part of your group can also post on the group’s wall in a way similar to Facebook. Picktainment also offers pools for American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, and the X Factor, among other popular televised reality and awards shows. One of the most enjoyable aspects of participating in pools for some people is placing bets with their friends and gambling to win a prize for having the most correct guesses. RocketPool gives you that option, without actually putting a dent in your bank account. The site offers you the option to bet $nollars, the site’s own version of Monopoly money. Place your bets using this fake money system to make the stakes seem a little higher. Then, breathe a sigh of relief if you end up losing when you remember you weren’t playing for actual money. This web app is also completely free and allows you to set up Oscar pools with friends and family. Much like Picktainment, you can choose whether to make your group public or private for your next Oscar predictions contest. There are also other pools related to reality television and sporting events available.

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