Customize Your Droid with Androidify

Customize Your Droid with Androidify

Android users know and love their little green ‘droid, but in keeping with the free and open ethos of the operating system, Google thought it was high time the icon got a little more personal.

This is where Androidify comes in! This newly released app lets you take a basic green Android and personalize it from your Android phone. It’s really easy to use – change the shape of the Android with your fingers and use the little coat hanger option on the bottom right to change color, add hair, choose clothes, tweak faces and more. It’s great fun and made really easy with the getting started tutorial.

Once you’re happy with your Android, you can save it to bunches of different services, Facebook, contacts and wallpaper included. The little Android is really cute, bobbing around, looking to see what you’re choosing for him and even waving at you from time to time. It’s fun, free and easy to share, and we have the feeling it’s going to be a big success!

Download Androidify now!

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