Common causes of data loss and what you can do about them

Common causes of data loss and what you can do about them

Our digital evolution has happened so quickly that those of us who can remember not owning or having used a computer, now do almost everything on our computers. Today, we use computers, tablets, and smartphones to help with everything from killing a few minutes of boredom, to writing an essay for school, doing online shopping, mobile banking or filing tax returns.

Data is of utmost importance to all individuals & businesses. Any event of data loss can cause stress and discomfort not just to individuals but may result in big time loss to organizations. In order to survive such a crisis situation, you need to follow a proactive approach of protecting data and taking timely backups. But the question is how many of us take backups timely and do these backup work? What happens if the backup fails or is not accessible?

You’ve likely been overrun with GDPR “We’ve updated our Privacy Policy” emails over the last few weeks. The EU is out to protect the data that companies are gathering about you, and is big enough that the whole world has to pay attention. What about your own data though? The stuff you use every day at home and at work? What happens if you lose your data? It can happen, it often does, and what then?

How could you lose your data?

There are a lot of ways we can lose our data, and seriously disrupt our lives. We’ve all deleted something accidentally. Panicked as the recycle bin empties and our important documents disappear into digital oblivion. Another common way for our files to go missing is for our computers to become infected with a virus or an evolved form of malicious code called ransomware. Ransomware sees the data, either deleted from the PC or encrypted.

The fun doesn’t stop there either. Physical damage to a hard drive or sudden power cuts can also see our vital digital data disappearing right before our eyes. Being electronic devices, PCs and mobile phones are prone to water damage, and as they’re easy to transport theft as well. The digital devices that facilitate our modern lives are fragile pieces of kit. We can try to protect them, but sometimes the worst will happen.  We shouldn’t blame ourselves if it does, and we shouldn’t panic. If the worst happens, we can take action to recover our lost data. Here is how:

The best software solutions for data recovery

Stellar Data Recovery specializes in solutions for data loss situations and consequently has a whole suite of programs we can turn to, should the worst happen. Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, Stellar will have you covered with bespoke software solutions designed to recover data on both types of machine. As well as offering standard features for both machines each specific version contains features specialized for the needs of Windows and Mac users:

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery includes:

  • Recovery of all file types like Office documents, photos, videos, emails, & more.
  • Complete recovery of data from inaccessible hard Drive partitions or volumes.
  • Restoration of data from HDD, USB, memory cards, CD-DVD, & other storage devices.
  • Advanced search option to recover from severely corrupt drives.
  • Easy recovery of data from hard drives containing bad sectors.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery includes:

  • Mac data recovery from any internal & external storage devices.
  • Restoration of data from time machine backups and encrypted drives.
  • Recovery from corrupt Bootcamp partitions.
  • Recovery of data from inaccessible, unmounted volumes.
  • Recovers data from iMac®, MacBook Air®, MacBook Pro®, MacBook®, Mac Pro®

On top of offering complete solutions for all data recovery needs, Stellar Data Recovery also offers more task-specific data recovery options. Photos and emails are two of the most accidentally deleted file types. Consequently, Stellar has created Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and the Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Tool. All Stellar Data Recovery tools are available for a trial and can are available to download now.

Data loss is a problem that has reared its ugly head in all of our lives at one time or another. Fortunately, it is a problem that has a number of efficient solutions to hand. Rather than having to start from scratch, Stellar Data Recovery gives us the opportunity to pick up where we left off even if the worst has happened. If you’ve ever experienced data loss or you’re looking for a solution you’re experiencing right now give Stellar a try and download a free trial of one of their great programs now.

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