Database creation without needing MySQL

MySQL logoI’m absolutely petrified of anything that involves a bit of coding and there’s nothing more frightening than the prospect of having to build a database with MySQL. If you feel the same way, then you might find that FileAmigo LE an interesting proposition. In a nutshell, it basically takes the pain out of database creation by doing the MySQL part for you. It also replaces the need to use tools such as MS Access or in fact any other coding application.

With FileAmigo, you can create a database simply by selecting one of the templates available and assigning it a name. All the coding is pre-configured so you don’t need to schedule lines of code, define variables, or even know the functions of the program. However, you can still tailor it to your specifications allowing you to define as many records as necessary, sorting by various fields, launch searches, link to elements through hyperlinks etc. You can also create totally new templates and modify existing ones although modification may involve some coding. If you work in a team, you can also share the database although this requires upgrading to FileAmigo Pro and FileAmigo Web.

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