Watch: Jim Carrey face-swapped with Jack Nicholson in ‘The Shining’

Jim Carrey deepfake

Deepfake videos are becoming insanely good. Essentially, AI allows you to face-swap anyone into any video. Sometimes, this can be used for evil. Sometimes, it can be used for fun.

We’ve seen Harrison Ford’s face inserted into footage from “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” We’ve seen a faked Mark Zuckerberg say some very unusual stuff. And it’s likely we’re going to see some attempts at election interference with some faked political video within the near future.

But today, we’re simply enjoying “The Shining,” as if Jim Carrey had starred instead of Jack Nicholson. It’s nearly impossible to see that this isn’t real:

The fakery gets even more impressive in Part 2:

And there’s a Part 3 coming! It’s probably worth subscribing to Ctrl Shift Face on YouTube to keep track of these.

It’s pretty fun to watch these videos! And then you realize that this technology is going to be used to destroy our democracy and then you curl up into the fetal position and try to remember how to breathe.

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