Do you know of the Mariana Web, the Internet’s best kept Secret?

Do you know of the Mariana Web, the Internet’s best kept Secret?

These days it is common to think that there are no limits to what we know. After all, we can easily find the answer to any question that may arise in our heads, simply by accessing the internet.

The name of a strange city in a distant country, how to prepare that exotic food or the latest news about any female celebrity can be accessed quickly and easily.

However, there is much more information on the internet than most people realize. This is because most of us do not access the Deep Web, the part of the internet that is not indexed by search engines. The parts of the internet where only those who know the exact address can gain access.

Do you know of the Mariana Web, the internets best kept secret?

If there are pages hidden in the Deep Web, you should also know that there are parts of the Deep Web that are even deeper and more mysterious. We are talking about the Mariana Web. Have you ever heard of the darkest part of the internet?

What is the Deep Web?

To understand Mariana Web you need to know a little about the Deep Web, and where it is found. As we’ll explain more comprehensively in this article, the content of Deep Web is one that brings together pages and documents not indexed by search websites, such as Google or Bing, for example.

Do you know of the Mariana Web, the internets best kept secret?

This is the main definition of the term, which was created by Michael K. Bergman, CEO and co-founder of Structured Dynamics LLC. It refers to all content that cannot be indexed by search engines and is therefore not available directly to anyone browsing the internet.

These “secret” pages may only be accessed by specific applications, such as Tor, for example. It connects you to a network called “Onion” (Tor, in fact, is an acronym for “The Onion Router”) that manages access between your PC and these non-indexed sites. The question remains then, why are these pages hidden?

Simple: freedom of content. On the Deep Web, you will find all sorts of material, from relatively simple things like movies and books banned in certain countries, to heavier content such as forums for heavy image exchange, buying and selling drugs and many other things.

Many say in forums and amateur pages that most online data worldwide is on this network and is not viewed by most ordinary people. However, there are no specific or certified numbers to back the claim up.

The layers of Tor …

Even if you do not even know how to fry an egg or you are terrible in the kitchen, you’ve probably seen an onion up close, haven’t you? That way, you must remember that when this vegetable is pealed, in addition to making people cry a little, also separates into several different layers.

This is how Tor works. It works with several layers, each of which is a different router. At each step, the browser connects to one, which passes the connection information to the next, and so on. With that, the goal is to make the super-encrypted content “accessible” for you.

… And the layers of Deep Web

The term “layer” is not just about Tor’s browsing operation on the Deep Web. Some say that the “place” itself also has a layered division, bringing different levels of access – all according to the level of the user’s knowledge and what he might be looking for.


Do you know of the Mariana Web, the internets best kept secret?


On the internet, there is not much precise information about such layers, so we’ve looked for some in the Deep Web itself. After several “comings and goings”, we have come to a kind of consensus, a pattern of divisions that appears in many forums and sites specialized in the subject.

In addition to the popular image of the iceberg depicting the Deep Web and all its hidden content, there are others also showing how this layering works. Some are even somewhat cryptic, displaying the user as a helpless person and surrounded by crazy and abstract layers of content.



The first three levels you should already know

The first three levels considered in this ranking are made by elements that are more “normal”, if you will. The first layer, called “0”, would be the Internet that we usually access today, the common sites and our daily routine, such as Facebook or Softonic itself, for example.


Do you know of the Mariana Web, the internets best kept secret?
The internet as everbody sees it


By going to the first level, called “Surface Web”, you would find sites with more diverse content and some forums that admittedly appear with new and / or contradictory information, such as Reddit. Following the evolution, we arrive at layer number 2, the “Bergie Web”. Here you will find FTP servers that are further away from popular sites.

Finally, in the third layer, you reach the “Deep Web” itself. There are already very many different types of content here, such as sites with heavy video content, hacking forums, community scripting and virus studies amongst others. Although this layer can only be accessed by the use of a Proxy server, it contains only the most accessible material of the Deep Web.

Internet Underworld

There are many Deep Web sites that you can access without having Tor installed. This, however, restricts the scope of your navigation, leaving you stuck to the type of content mentioned above. Another problem is that you will probably end up with a PC full of of malware.

Do you know of the Mariana Web, the internets best kept secret?

This means that anyone who ventures onto these sites should follow the advice of those who access the Deep Web regularly – many of which claim that Tor guarantees some degree of protection. As well as offering protection, it also allows you to access the other parts of this third layer.

With Tor you already gain access (if you can find the sites, of course) to several more advanced materials. There are those who say that there are extremely technical forums on the most diverse computational subjects, including data on cosmology.

Layer 4, called “Charter Web”, is a more advanced version of the third layer. Here, however, access to illegal materials begins to grow dramatically. Drug sales sites, banned and extremely offensive videos and even the so-called “Hidden Wiki” are found on this level.

The Deepest Place

On the 5th layer, we find the so-called Mariana’s Web. The name is inspired by the “Mariana Trench”, which is known as the deepest place in the oceans of Planet Earth.

A popular infographic, found on the internet, shows this part of Deep Web speculations begin with the use of a tool called “Closed Shell Systems”, in addition to another one whose name is “Polymeric Falcighol Derivation”.

Do you know of the Mariana Web, the internets best kept secret?

All this, however, could just be some fictitious names and tools, created out of nowhere and only for some curious new users to end up looking the fool. We could be in conspiracy theoryville here. Jokes aside, however, it is well known that many web pages need programs and settings far more advanced than Tor to be accessed.

These sites would shape the so-called Mariana’s Web. This level could also split into different categories making up the 5th, 6th and 7th layers of the web. Here, the rule would be the same; the higher the level you want to access, the more advanced tools you’ll need to go with your increasingly advanced skillset.

Extreme content of all kinds, including terrorist tutorials, pages with prohibited adult material, and unimaginable subject forums, for example, could be found in these layers. Even some legends and conspiracy theories can take shape in the confines of the internet.

The secret subjects of Mariana’s Web

But, what is so secretive about Mariana’s Web that it needs to be hidden in such a way? There is no 100% correct answer to this, so there is no way to pinpoint exactly what kind of information can be found there. What is known is based on reports from experienced Deep Web users and specialized forums.

According to them, several truly macabre sites can be accessed on the Mariana’s Web. As encryption levels are more advanced, some people feel more comfortable offering their services.

Some people point out sites that make hitmen available. Companies specializing in the sale of banned and strictly military weapons could also be found in these farthest layers of the network. In the most sinister reaches of the web there may even be the trade of human beings, rare animals and organs.

Do you know of the Mariana Web, the internets best kept secret?

There are also “non-bizarre” parts within Mariana’s Web. Some sites and forums controlled by the Chinese Pirate Party, a group that advocates freedom of expression within the country, are supposedly active in these parts of the Internet.

The exchange of information from an army of hackers joining in the fight against online pedophilia, something very common within Deep Web, would also happen in these deeper layers with specially created forums built to deal with the subject.

There are those who believe that some of the most famous conspiracy theories on the internet may have been born on Mariana’s Web. Among the speculations are, for example, that Haarp would be a weapon of the United States Army able to control natural forces on our planet.

Do you know of the Mariana Web, the internets best kept secret?

Others talk about the use of quantum computing by powerful governments across the globe, while there are those who say there are secret books written by Nikola Tesla that could bring information about incredible methods of obtaining and controlling electricity.


For many, the whole concept of these hidden pages and all their mysteries are just internet legends … What do you think? Do not forget to comment!

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