Do your Christmas shopping with your phone

Do your Christmas shopping with your phone

Defeat the shopping hoards this yearGood gosh, only four weeks left to do all my Christmas shopping. OK, don’t panic James, you can do this. I’ll just install some applications onto my mobile phone and the whole, tortuous ordeal will be done in no time. Right, I know how much I’ve got spare to spend on presents, so let’s start with a budget management program. Expenses is perfect because it lets you track what you’re spending automatically and optimises your budget accordingly.

Before hitting the high street I’ll install a shopping tool such as Handy Shopper or Shopping List for Nokia, both of which allow you to record everything you need to buy and tick things off as you wrestle them from the grasp of the deranged hoards in the stores. If you’ve got a Blackberry then try SplashShopper, which goes as far as assinging products to particular stores and tracking prices per shop.

OK, I’m in the mall now but I’m worried that my family/friends/girlfriend/pets are here too and will see what I’m getting them and spoil Christmas for everyone. No worries, I’ll just download BlueRadar, which tracks where people are on a cool radar-style screen through the power of Bluetooth. This is how James Bond does his Chrimbo shopping.

Jeepers, this is horrific. I’m getting trampled on by people, berated by beggars, pestered by carol singers and my feet are frozen solid. I’ll just go home and do the rest of the presents on eBay. Actually I don’t even need to go home. I’ll go and sit in a cafe with a nice, warming glass of eggnog and use Midprofile for eBay to scout out the bargains on my phone. Wow, that was easy. Santa, if you’re reading this, get yourself a mobile phone dude.

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