E-book publishing made e-asy

ebookIf you’re a budding author and are having a hard time finding a publisher for your book, have you ever thought about publishing it yourself? Nowadays, there’s no need to convince a publisher of your potential with all the self-publishing tools you need at your fingertips.

One of the best tools around is EbooksWriter which basically composes the book in electronic format as you type into it’s own in-build word processor. It’s good because you can see how your book will look as you write complete with pictures and annotations. It can also be used to create eCatalogues and eBrochures.

A simpler tool that works in RTF format is eBook Builder. The program is very thin on features but it interferes less with your writing than EbooksWriter and it’s incredibly easy to use. Finally, distributing your book is equally as important as writing it. If you’re looking for a solution that takes you all the way from A to B, then Natata eBook Compiler helps you with a range of compression ratios and sending solutions so that your writing reaches the widest possible audience.

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