Encrypt files and folders the easy way

Encrypt files and folders the easy wayEncryption basically consists of converting plain text into something unreadable by means of an encrypting algorithm, being a specific key (i.e. a password) which is also the only way to convert that gibberish back into normal text.

Likewise, encrypting documents is probably the safest way to protect confidential data on your computer or online communications. But if all this encryption thing sounds too complicated for you, don’t worry: now you can encrypt files and folders in just a couple of clicks.

The trick is using EncryptOnClick, an easy-to-use encrypting tool with which to protect your files and folders without fuss. Once installed, simply run the program and select the file or folder you want to protect, enter a password for it and that’s all: the encrypted file or folder won’t be accessible unless have the password. You can also decrypt those same files and folders from EncryptOnClick; just make sure you’ll remember your password because there’s no way to recover it in case you lose it.

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