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Endless runner game NBA Rush comes to iOS

Endless runner game NBA Rush comes to iOS

NBA Rush is a new endless runner for iOS from RenRen Games. An officially licensed game, it pits NBA star players against invading aliens who want to take over the world.

Endless runner games like Temple Run, Sonic Dash and Iron Man 3 are everywhere. NBA Rush doesn’t bring too much to the genre except the basketball theme, but it’s good looking with solid, easy to pick up gameplay. It’s also free to play – so you can speed your progress through the game if you’re willing to pay.

As well as jumps and slides, in NBA Rush you can also get power-ups to slam dunk the alien invasion. Theses are simple, requiring you just to tap on your target alien as your player jumps. There are 90 NBA stars from all 30 NBA teams, and they each have different skills. You’ll play each game with three players, who you can switch between with a double tap.

Download NBA Rush.


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