Essential games for your Pocket PC

Essential games for your Pocket PC

Worms a classicThanks to Windows Mobile, Pocket PCs can have good quality games that you don’t necessarily find on mobile phones or Palm, some of them almost equal to the desktop PC version. Furthermore you’ll find games developers have produced a good deal of games over the years.

Keeping the new Pocket PC user in mind, I decided to draw up a list of what seems to me to be the top ten games you should have on your Pocket PC:

    • Worms World Party – Because nothing beats a good game of Worms.
    • Age of Empires Gold – 16 civilizations, 8 campaigns and 24 scenarios, for those of you thirsty for world domination.
    • Lemmings – Bring the little creatures to safety in all sorts of wacky levels.
    • Valentin Iliescu Chess – An advanced chess game with six difficulty levels.
    • Pool Rebel – Realistic pool with five different game modes and loads of players.
    • PocketMan – The classic Pac Man in a modern interface.
    • Bejeweled – Great game play and impressive graphics.
    • Dig Dug – Dig tunnels to find your enemies, then inflate and pop them.
    • Myst – An immersive logic and mystery filled game.
    • Master Kick – Because you need a good football game, try out this foosball version.
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