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Ever Wanted to Transfer Files Between PC and Your Phone? Here’s How!

While SHAREit is a wonderful option for transferring files, you can also use Bluetooth to get all of your pictures, videos, and more out of your mobile device and on to your PC and vice versa. If you haven’t used Bluetooth before, read on to find out how to use this technology to quickly transfer files.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless signal that connects various enabled devices. Although Bluetooth functions much like wi-fi, it differs in that enabled devices are paired. The pairing process allows each device to consent to a one-on-one, secure connection, and it uses a secret code that is shared between each device to ensure that no other devices gain access. Once paired, two devices can transfer files back and forth, and while Bluetooth is currently not as fast as a standard wi-fi connection, it’s still a great option for getting your files where they need to be wirelessly.

How to Use Bluetooth

Before you can use Bluetooth, you need to make sure that the two devices you plan to use are discoverable, meaning they can be found when you scan for available devices.

To do this on your smartphone or tablet, go into your Settings and select Bluetooth. Make sure that you select Discoverable as the checked option. On a PC, click on the arrow in the bottom right of your toolbar. There should be a Bluetooth symbol if your computer is Bluetooth-enabled. The symbol resembles a blue “B”. Once you click on this, select Add a Device. Your computer will now begin searching for discoverable devices.

Once you see your device listed, select it and connect. You should then receive a request on your smartphone or tablet to pair the devices.

Transferring Files Using Bluetooth

Once paired, you should see your device show up as a drive in your My Computer directory. This is where you can access files on the device and drag and drop or copy and paste them to your computer. Conversely, you can do the same by moving files on your computer to the device just like you would with any typical file transfer.

Staying Secure While Using Bluetooth

Although Bluetooth is convenient, you also need to be careful when using it. Never pair with a device you don’t trust or didn’t request to connect to using Bluetooth. In addition, keep your phone undiscoverable until you plan to use Bluetooth, and only connect with devices that support and use 128-bit encryption.


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