Exclusive Give Away: 2 licenses for Curio worth $149

If you’ve tried any of my suggestions for Mac alternatives to Microsoft OneNote but still aren’t impressed, then I should add that Curio should definitely have made the list.

Curio is an incredibly detailed and rich brainstorming and note taking application that helps map-out your ideas in stunning detail. Curio’s features a free form interface and tool kit that allow you to place items anywhere you want including notes, pictures, audio and even video. The only limits are your imagination as you can place elements in any position which gives it a distinct advantage over similar programs that restrict you to text boxes or certain areas. You can even give your brainstorm plans or notes their own unique look thanks to a variety of backgrounds and styles such as note paper, graph paper style and linen paper texture for example.


Even better, we’ve got 2 free licenses worth $149 for Curio Professional version to give away.

All you have to do is tell us in a few sentences why you need Curio to help you and how it would help you in your daily life. Take a look at our Decloner giveaway competition for an idea of what we’re looking for. Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address in the comment e-mail address field so that we can contact you.

Good luck!

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