5 great apps for tracking your exercise

Miranda Lucas


Regular exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. There’s just no way around it: If you want to look and feel your best, you’ve got to work out.

Already committed to gym life, but just looking for a good routine-planning app? Wish you could get killer gains without leaving your living room? Just starting out and don’t want to feel intimidated by all the gym jargon? There’s an app for all of that. In fact, there are lots of them. Here are a few of the very best exercise-tracking apps out there.

5 great apps for tracking your exercise

Fitbod Workout Log Download Free ►
FitBod is a great all-around fitness tracker and accountability buddy. Log your workouts and get personalized suggestions to help you maximize your next trip to the gym. FitBod has an impressive library of exercises to help keep your routine from getting stale. You can also track your progress and share your achievements with the community. Bonus: If you have a Strava (running and cycling tracking) account, you can connect it to your FitBod account.
GymBook - Strength training Download Free ►
GymBook is all about helping you become your fittest self. Log and analyze your workouts to see where you need to step it up, and then create your own customized workouts. GymBook creates a handy line graph to help you track your progress and lets you add notes to your workout logs. There are tons of exercises in the database, and you can group them however you want. If you’re serious about customizing your workout, GymBook even lets you create your own exercise moves.
Freeletics Download free ►
If you’re looking for something a bit more intense, Freeletics is here for you — and it is not messing around. No gym, no equipment, no excuses. All the exercises on the app use your own body weight for resistance, eliminating the unnecessary and maximizing your results. A personal coach will analyze the details of your workouts and design short, intensive workout sessions just for you. Connect with other users to compare results and stay motivated.
Runtastic Download Free ►
There are plenty of running apps out there, but Runtastic is a user favorite. Runtastic tracks your running progress in real time (and place). At the end, you’ll get a readout of the area you covered. Plus, see your average speed and plenty of other cool and helpful metrics to help you analyze everything about your workout. There are lots of ways you can customize the way Runtastic works, like having it keep track of how far you’ve run in a particular pair of shoes or comparing your stats across time. You'll also get a personalized voice coach feature to keep you on track.
JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log Download free ►
Jefit has a clean, user-friendly fitness tracking platform. Track your results and get data readouts in every form — whether line graphs are your thing or you’re more into pie charts. Choose from a vast number of exercises in Jefit’s database, complete with illustrations and videos. Use them to tailor workout programs based on your goals and your progress. Jefit also offers access to a huge community of fellow fitness enthusiasts in case you’re ever looking for advice or encouragement, or you just want to show off the rock-hard abs you’ve been cultivating.

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