Facebook Home not coming to iOS or Windows Phone

Facebook Home not coming to iOS or Windows Phone

Facebook Home IconThere are rumors that Facebook is in talks with Apple and Microsoft to make a version Home for iOS and Windows Phone. Bloomberg report that ‘talks are ongoing and nothing is final’.

However, The Next Web quote a source from Facebook saying it is not in talks with either company about bringing Home to other platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg launched the app for Android earlier this month, saying Facebook Home was the best possible solution for its 1 billion plus active users.

Is Facebook Home likely to come to iOS or Windows Phone?

Usually a new Facebook app would be multi-platform, but Facebook Home isn’t a normal app, rather a launcher for Android. This kind of software that re-skins your operating system with a new look is simply not how iOS or Windows 8 are designed. Neither is as open as Android, and so are not suitable for a launcher like Facebook Home.

Facebook has worked with both companies to make the social network well integrated. The launch of iOS 6 saw much deeper Facebook integration into Apple’s mobile operating system, without sacrificing the iOS feel.

Facebook Home is about bringing a new ‘Facebook feel’ to your phone: a philosophy that only really fits with Android.

Facebook Home has been getting very bad reviews from users on Google Play, and has dropped another percentage point, down to 2.3 out of 5 stars since we covered that story yesterday.

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