Facebook launches Trending stories

Facebook launches Trending stories

Facebook is launching a Trending feature, that should show you popular and interesting stories being shared on the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg has been talking up Facebook as a place for news for some time, and introducing Trending is another example of borrowing a successful feature from Twitter. You will start to see Trending topics on the right of your news feed, each with a brief explanation. They will be personalized, mixing subjects Facebook thinks you’re interested in with things that are trending across the service.

If you don’t see Trending yet, don’t worry. Facebook is rolling it out in ‘select countries’ now, and is still being tested for mobile devices. On Twitter, trending topics have helped it become a popular platform for real-time discussion of news, events and TV programs, and Facebook undoubtedly wants its users to have those conversations on Facebook too.

Like all new Facebook features, it will be developed over time. It’s not as controversial as other recent additions, such as promoted stories and video ads.


[Source: Facebook Newsroom]

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