FIFA 15 ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ web app launch delayed

FIFA 15 ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ web app launch delayed

The FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) web app, which accompanies the upcoming FIFA 15, was supposed to go live yesterday, but EA has announced that it will be delayed until this evening in Britain, with a further update at 6pm (10am PST).

FIFA Ultimate Team is a game mode in the FIFA franchise which lets you build your dream soccer team. The upcoming version will include Concept Squads, which essentially lets you plan your team, using the complete FUT catalog of players. Another new feature will allow you to try some of the highest ranked players immediately by signing them on loan.

FUT is a very popular feature, and glancing at the response on Twitter to the delay, some fans are quite impatient to get started with the web app, before FIFA 15 is released on September 23rd in the US (it’s out on 25th and 26th in Europe and the UK respectively).

We’ll follow up this story when EA makes a further announcement later in the day.

Source: Twitter

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