FigLeaf: The app that’s reimagining privacy

FigLeaf: The app that’s reimagining privacy
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Everything we do online reveals a lot about us. That includes the sites we visit, the things we buy, and even our email subscriptions. Our actions give companies insight into our personal lives, habits, interests, and more.

Figleaf privacy

You might feel comfortable sharing some of your info. A lot of us do. But when we do share, we usually do so under the assumption that it will be used responsibly.

That assumption is wrong.

How is my privacy being violated?

The websites and advertisers gathering our info do so for one specific reason — to make money. Here’s how the information gathering and profiting works:

  1. Websites track your online behavior — often without your consent or knowledge
  2. They create a digital profile
  3. They send you targeted ads
  4. They tailor what you see as you browse

So how do we get control back?

FigLeaf has the answer.

FigLeaf puts your privacy first. Be the first to try it.

The all-in-one privacy app is designed to help you take control of your privacy online. But it’s more than an app. It’s a complete restructuring of our relationship with our data, built on these three principles:

  1. Privacy by design
  2. Privacy control for everything you do
  3. Zero-knowledge promise & complete transparency

All in all, Figleaf has the answers to your privacy needs.

Privacy by design

Figleaf by design

FigLeaf gives you the power to choose your online visibility at any given time, for every website you visit. You can increase your level of privacy on one site while you happily share your info with another site you trust. Total anonymity at one moment. A little transparency the next. Your level of privacy is always up to you.

Privacy control for everything you do

FigLeaf combines privacy tools to let you control your privacy your way. When you first fire up the app, FigLeaf scans the internet and the dark web. If it finds your email address and password in a data breach, FigLeaf will tell you right away and give you the power to fix it on the spot.

Figleaf data breach

However, FigLeaf isn’t just about reacting to breaches. It’s about being proactive, too. When you sign up somewhere new, FigLeaf is there to create a masked email address for you. A masked email address is essentially a fake email address so websites won’t know your real one.

This is a big deal for your privacy. If the site is involved in a data breach, your real email won’t be part of it. And since a lot of us reuse emails and passwords for multiple sites, one breached site could wreak havoc on your privacy.

FigLeaf also creates hard-to-crack passwords to go along with your masked emails. You might be thinking, “Oh great, more obscure passwords I need to remember.” Fear not. Figleaf will remember your login information for you.

Figleaf Masked passwords

The masking concept extends to shopping online. When you’re checking out, FigLeaf can offer you a virtual credit card to pay with instead. If the site you’re shopping at is hacked, your real credit card number will remain private. Tens of millions of credit cards are stolen every year. FigLeaf stops you from becoming a statistic and lets you keep being you.

FigLeaf also lets you connect privately and cover your location and IP address. In one click or tap, you can block trackers from learning your personal interests, habits, and sites you visit.

Complete transparency & zero-knowledge promise

Figleaf complete transparency

Most companies aren’t very transparent in how they collect and use your data. They count on longwinded privacy policies littered with legalese to give them the upper hand. FigLeaf doesn’t try to pull that with you.

They let users keep their data in their own hands by granting automatic privacy from the get-go. For starters, FigLeaf explicitly asks for permission to access your data when it’s needed — usually only to help with a transaction or to improve the app. If you do grant permission, all data is anonymized Any behavior in the app is not tied to you.

What’s more, all data is encrypted on FigLeaf’s servers and on your device. Also, your data can’t be decrypted without your password and security key. Only you have access to those.

Try FigLeaf for free

You can currently download the beta version of FigLeaf. The only thing FigLeaf asks is that you provide feedback as you use the app to reclaim and control your privacy. FigLeaf is the next generation of privacy, and you can try it out today.

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