Find apartments to rent in no time with PadMapper

Find apartments to rent in no time with PadMapper

Apartment hunting can be a total pain, and the hardest part is often locating an acceptable place in a desirable location. If you do your apartment search online like most people, you have two essential browser windows open: one for a site like craigslist or and another for Google Maps to get an idea of where the places you find are actually located. This can get annoying quickly.

Lucky for apartment hunters everywhere, there’s PadMapper. Using Google Maps and pulling available apartment information directly from apartment listings across the internet, PadMapper is a fully integrated apartment search engine. If you’ve ever used Google Maps for any purpose, you’ll know how to use PadMapper. The service is completely free and allows you to filter your searches based on a number of different factors, including maximum monthly rent, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, neighborhood location, amenities, and whether pets are allowed.

Clicking on a selection in PadMapper opens a new tab in your browser to the listing’s direct web address. From time to time the posting will be out of date, but generally you’ll end up with additional useful information about the listing. If you register with PadMapper, you can also save listings to your favorites and come back to them later on.

PadMapper is available for free both as a web app online and also on the iPhone through the PadMapper Apartment Search app. Prepare to find your next apartment with ease. PadMapper puts some fun back into apartment hunting!

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