Anonymous off-the-grid messaging app FireChat comes to Android

Anonymous off-the-grid messaging app FireChat comes to Android

With more and more apps collecting user information, people have become wary of NSA snooping and data leaks. FireChat offers a truly off-the-grid and anonymous messaging experience that can’t be hacked.

By using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, FireChat users can chat with nearby users without the need for cellular data. This means no messages are sent to a company’s servers, keeping your chat from any prying eyes. Popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat send user messages through their servers as well as using phone numbers as IDs.

FireChat fun

FireChat is a simple app. There are two sections: Everyone and Nearby. All FireChat users can chat with one another in the Everyone tab. The Nearby tab looks up any nearby FireChat users to let you talk to them. You can use your real name or create an alias to stay anonymous.

The app is available on both iOS and Android but aren’t interoperable. This is because the two operating systems use different peer-to-peer connection technologies. For now, Android users can only talk to other Android users and the same goes for iOS.

Download FireChat: Android | iOS

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