EA Drops the First The Sims 4 Expansion in Over a Year

EA Drops the First The Sims 4 Expansion in Over a Year
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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We haven’t even properly sunk our teeth into the wonders of Moonwood Mill and the newly released Werewolves pack for The Sims 4 and already EA is dropping another game-changer. Prepare to live out likely the worst years of your life, but on your own terms in The Sims!


The trailer for the Sims 4: High School Years went live over on EA’s official social media channels recently, and it came as a massive shock to any and all who play this life simulation gem. In the trailer, we see a classic expression of the North American high school experience, complete with cheerleaders, promposals, and various cliques.

While EA and Maxis have already laid the groundwork for a lot of this content with packs like Get Together – which introduced clubs and, well, getting together –  and My Wedding Stories, there’s a lot in the trailer that a lot of us didn’t quite expect. 

For starters, it seems that your teenage Sims can now sneak out of windows that previously didn’t open, provided you place a trellis next to the window for them to descend from. We also saw what looks to be an actual interactive in-game social media function.

The biggest surprise of all, however, was a high school building that you can finally actually interact with and enter. Gone are the days of teen sims getting into a random bus and heading off of the Sims 4 set to go and learn all they’ll need for The Sims 4: University. 

I am a long-time critic of EA and specifically The Sims 4. This game seems to have been rushed into production and the early years were the epitome of work-in-progress. If you don’t remember, the first version of the The Sims 4 base game didn’t even have pools. Over the years, EA have released many a game pack, expansion pack, stuff pack, and of course the highly polarizing kits, but the game has still lacked any significant gameplay mechanics for teens. 

The imminent release of High School Years will change this as your teenage Sims now get to have lives of their own. Whether you want to live your dream as the star quarterback of Copperdale High, or simply spend your Sims teenage years discovering their unique identity, it’s incredible to finally have those options. 

While there is much excitement within the Sims community about the new High School Years expansion pack, there’s still a dark foreboding cloud over EA. The Sims 4: Dine Out is still a broken pack, we still experience way too many routing issues with My Wedding Stories, and many Simmers still can’t see their Werewolves once they transform. The biggest concern surrounding High School Years then, is will the pack actually work? Or is it yet another unfinished money grab by the Electronic Arts corporate machine? 

We’ll have to wait till July 28 to find out. In the meantime, why not refresh your memory on the release of the Sims 4: Werewolves?

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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