Five apps to create your own digital avatar

Five apps to create your own digital avatar
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The face changing app MSQRD (iOS|Android) has been talked about a lot recently. But, if you are looking for a more complete visual overhaul, then there are lots of other great apps out there that can totally transform you into an animated avatar. Here are five of the best.

Second Life (Windows)

Second Life is the granddad of virtual worlds that offers you a digital multiverse filled with things like exhibitions, concerts, shops, and other things you may find in the real world. But to interact with all this you need an avatar, and Second Life has you covered. It lets you change anything about your digital self, and purchase them almost anything you can imagine, to ensure they look exactly how you desire.

Zoobe (iOS|Android)

One great app for creating a talking avatar is Zoobe. All you have to do is add your voice, then the app animates your chosen avatar to look like they are speaking for you. You can then select an animation to go along with it to add that little extra pazaz. Zoobe also offers social links so you can laugh at your creations with friends.

FaceRig (Windows)

Those of you wanting to chat live with your avatar should get FaceRig. This program uses facial recognition and your webcam to map your facial movements instantly onto your avatar. There are numerous masks to pick between, and – if you have enough creativity and patience – you can even make your own.

VEEMEE Avatar Creator (Android)

VEEMEE Avatar Creator is an avatar tool for people who enjoy RPG games. Just pick a base character and get modify – tweaking every detail until it is exactly how you want it. Once complete you can dress, pose, photo, and share them. If you grab VEEMEE Video Avatar (Android) it’s also possible to animate them to entertain you. Dance avatar, dance!

Miitomo (iOS|Android)

Miitomo is Nintendo’s first mobile title. It has you create your own little avatar in the Nintendo Mii style, selecting a look and personality to match your own. After this your creation can interact on a Mii Social Network. There you can answer questions that work like status updates, and visit your friends Mii’s to interact with them. If that isn’t enough, you can also play mini-games to earn rewards to further improve your avatar.

That’s it for this week, next time I’ll be back with apps to help you sell your old junk and buy other people’s desirables. See you then.

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