Five haunting Halloween party apps

Five haunting Halloween party apps

If you have a Halloween party planned, or are just looking for ways to spook up your All Hallow’s Eve alone at home, then we are here to help with five frighteningly good, ghoulish apps.

Demon Cam (iOS) is a digital makeup app that can turn you into the son or daughter of Satan. Just film yourself, locate your eyes and mouth, then within seconds you will find yourself possessed by darkness. Android users can try HauntedBooth or ZombieBooth 2 for a similar effect.

Audio a frequently overlooked element of a creepy Halloween party, but Halloween Song (Android) could offer you a solution. Add spooky sound effects and music to every conversational lull to keep your guests suitably on edge.

If you would rather have some solo scares, then Dark Meadow: The Pact (iOS|Android) is a must. In this spooky action role-playing game, you must walk lonely corridors and battle demons to uncover the terrifying truth. This horrifying, and free, game is easy to recommend.

If you don’t feel that you are all alone in your neighborhood, then you need Ghost Communicator (iOS|Android) to let you chat to your spirit guests. Warning: may not actually be capable of letting you commune with the dead.

Finally, what would Halloween be without some scary stories and Wikia: Creepy Pasta (Android) gives you access to thousands. These ghoulish tales are collected from around the internet – including the terrifying Slenderman. Enough to keep you up all night.

That is for our list of harrowing Halloween apps, next week we will be back with five security apps to help you feel safe again. See you then.

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