Five quick Safari power-ups

Add more power to SafariIn my opinion, Safari is the best browser for the Mac, and the stable release of version 3.0 that ships with  Leopard provides one of the slickest web navigation experiences ever. Like all things though, there’s always room for improvements, and thanks to Safari’s extensibility it’s possible to fine-tune the browser with some powerful modifications. Here are some tools for instantly supercharging Safari:

  • Quicker tab launching – Tabbed browsing has become the norm among all browsers these days, but the system could still be quicker in many cases. Twicetab is a simple Safari plug-in which allows you to create a new tab by double clicking into the tab region of the app.
  • More search channels – Installing AcidSearch is like feeding steroids to your Safari search bar. Not only does this plug-in include loads of extra search channels for specific topics like Mac or shopping, it also lets you add and reorganize channels via Javascripts.
  • Browse your history visually – Fed up with wading through lists of URLs to try and find that cool site you visited yesterday? Get hold of h(i)Storyboard and you can view your visited sites visually, making things much easier.
  • Hide X-rated content – Isn’t it always the way that the moment you load a page that throws naughty banner ads or lewd pop-ups at you, your boss or your partner is sure to walk over. Prevent this from happening again by installing CutX for Safari, which can block this type of content.
  • Auto-convert video to iPod – Cosmopod is a Safari add-on designed to help you download and convert video from the Internet to your iPod in a single click. This allows you to immediately pick and convert videos you like from the web and have them ready to take with you and watch on your iPod when you’re on the go.
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