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Today is the day. Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married today at the Westminster Abbey in London, with a potential worldwide audience of more than 2,000 million people. Unfortunately today is a working day for most of us, so we can’t sit in front of the TV all day to watch the wanderings of the Royal couple. If this is your case, don’t worry. There are plenty of online resources to follow all wedding-related news, so that you don’t miss any details!

The first and most obvious source of information is the Royal Wedding Official Website, where you’ll find all the information you need about the service, the procession and the reception, as well as other minor news concerning the wedding’s preparations. Another good source of information is the Prince of Wales Official Website, from which you can download the Royal Wedding Programme (PDF) and the Royal Wedding media briefing (DOC).

But if what you really want to do is see the Royal Wedding with your own eyes, tune in to Royal Channel, the official YouTube channel of the British Monarchy. This channel will broadcast the wedding live, starting at 10 am London time. The channel also includes a special area where you can upload a video with a personal message for William and Kate.

Apart from video streaming, you can also follow the wedding with photos. The British Monarchy Flickr account has been publishing images of the wedding preparations and rehearsals during the last few weeks, including pictures of people who have camped near Buckingham Palace to get the best view of the Royal procession.

A quicker and probably more convenient way to keep up with the wedding is Twitter. You can either follow the official British Royal Family Twitter accounts (@ClarenceHouse and @BritishMonarchy) or join the conversation with people from all over the world by using the #royalwedding or #rw2011 hashtags.

Last, but not least… Facebook! An important event wouldn’t be the same without the corresponding Facebook event, and the Royal Wedding couldn’t be different. Check out the Royal Wedding Facebook event and decide whether you’re planning to attend it or not. Unfortunately this only means you’ll be getting updates from the wedding on your Facebook wall – so don’t expect to have a seat reserved for you in the wedding reception.

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