Farewell, Windows 7: The best things the operating system gave us

Farewell, Windows 7: The best things the operating system gave us
María López

María López

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After so many years, Microsoft terminates Windows 7 and will no longer receive any type of future support.

When Windows 7 came into our lives 14 years ago, it was a big change for the better from its predecessor, Windows Vista. Despite the latter’s great desire to innovate and all the visual improvements it brought (transparencies, widgets, etc), the truth is that it weighed down your computer more than anything else. In fact, Windows Vista has been one of the great failures in the history of the operating system.

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The reason why Windows Vista was so bad is that it demanded requirements to function that were too high for the time, especially at the RAM level. At its output it was also quite unstable, which gave rise to the dreaded blue screens. After the disaster, Microsoft launched the much-loved Windows 7 in 2009.

One of the aspects that most managed to attract attention was its reliability. Microsoft went down the drain and made Windows 7 work like a charm with existing hardware of the time. The starting point for the development of Windows 7 was the much-maligned Windows Vista, which made them polish the system and make it much more stable.

On a visual level, those in charge of the famous design of Windows Vista were also those who were behind Windows 7. The native programs looked much more current and removed the much hated Windows Sidebar that was in Vista to add widgets to the desktop. At Microsoft they had one thing clear: they wanted to differentiate themselves from Windows Vista at all costs to leave behind the bad reputation they had garnered years ago. However, the truth is that internally they were very similar.

But sadly nothing lasts forever. Support for Windows 7 comes to an end, after 10 years of updates and 3 years of security patches. The truth is that Windows 7 was (and still is) one of the most liked operating systems within the PC community. In fact, there are still many users who continue to use it today. Even so, it is always recommended that you update your computer or use a more modern version of Windows, since you will be more protected against threats on the network.

María López

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