Fortnite: Season 8 Week 3 Challenge Guide

Fortnite Season 8’s third week of challenges has arrived. This week has a particular focus on item searching and exploration, which means this should be a fairly easy week to complete and net some easy battle stars. Jump into your game mode of choice and get ready to do some traveling.

Fortnite: Season 8 Week 3 Challenge Guide

Locations Challenge

This is a multi-stage visitation challenge, asking players to visit multiple locations around the map in a single match. Here’s the order:

  • Stage 1: Visit Fatal Fields and Salty Springs in a single match.
  • Stage 2: Visit Haunted Hills and Tilted Towers in a single match.
  • Stage 3: Visit Frosty Flights and Loot Lake in a single match.

Biome Challenge

fortnite week 3 challenge guide cacti
Image courtesy Epic Games

This multi-stage challenge is a first, tasking players with heading to the different biomes to complete specific tasks. It’s an interesting new addition to the roster of usual challenges. Here’s the order:

  • Stage 1: Destroy cacti in the desert biome (30).
  • Stage 2: Search ammo boxes in the snow biome (7).
  • Stage 3: Search chests in the jungle biome
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Place different trap slot items in a single match (2)

fortnite week 3 challenge guide traps
Image courtesy Epic Games

Just like it says on the package, this is pretty straightforward. You’ll simply need to find any 2 trap items and place them in the same match. Any item in the trap slot, from campfires to turrets, will count.

Search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen

Eagle-eyed players that have unlocked this Season’s treasure map loading screen will notice that there’s a magnifying glass indicating a very specific location on the map. Previously, heading to that location revealed nothing, but it appears that it’s finally being put to use in this week’s challenge set. You’ll want to head to this location on the map:

fortnite season 8 week 3 challenge guide treasure hunt
Image courtesy Epic Games

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you find a trio of giant, icy statues. Search the area for a few moments and your hidden Battle Star will appear.

fortnite season 8 week 3 challenge guide treasure hunt statues
Image courtesy Epic Games

Search Chests at Sunny Steps or Fatal Fields (7)

A classic chest search, you’ll head to Fatal Fields or the new Aztec-themed temples at Sunny Steps to polish this one off. Pay attention to the route of the Battle Bus, and land at the location furthest from other players. You’ll have a greater chance of finding more unopened chests if you do.

Deal headshot damage to opponents (500)

As with all combat based challenges, we recommend taking this one on in a large Team based game-type that allows for respawns. This can be a little tricky to complete, but is doable. You’ll have to nail a couple headshots to meet the 500 damage threshold, so grab your gun of choice and aim high.

Get an elimination with a pistol, an SMG, and a sniper rifle

Finally, this weapon based challenge rounds out the week’s set. You don’t have to complete it in order; simply use the weapons specified to nail some eliminations. As with other combat challenges, we recommend taking this one on in a Team game type.

This is a straightforward week, and that should mean some easy Battle Stars and Battle Pass levels. It’s important to keep in mind that challenges now add up towards the unique Discovery skin, so the more you complete, the better. As always, check back with Softonic for weekly challenge updates as the Season progresses.

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