Fortnite Week 5 Challenge Guide

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Fortnite’s Week 5 challenge set is officially here. This seems to be an easier week, with most challenges centered around some relatively simple combat tasks with a few riddles and searches thrown in the mix. With the mystery Snowfall skin available in roughly two weeks, this week should be an easy way to get one step closer to unlocking the skin.

Fortnite Week 5 Challenge Guide

Landing Challenge

The first challenge on the list is easy enough. It’s a classic landing challenge, tasking you with dropping in on certain locations in order. The full list is as follows:

  1. Land at Polar Peak
  2. Land at Fatal Fields
  3. Land at Tomato Temple
  4. Land at Loot Lake
  5. Land at Snobby Shores

Deal 5,000 damage to opponent’s structures

This next challenge may seem hard at first glance. 5,000 is a pretty big number, after all. Actuality, blowing one large, intricate fortress to bits would net you most of the points you need to complete the challenge. Simply look for enemy structures and constructions and destroy them wherever you see them, and you’ll have this challenge checked off the list in no time at all.

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Eliminate 3 enemies with suppressed weapons

This one will take a bit of luck. First, you’ll need to snag a suppressed weapon. Either the Suppressed Pistol or Suppressed Assault Rifle will do. Once you’re appropriately armed, drop three enemies with your suppressed firearm of choice and that’s another challenge finished.

Dancing Challenge

This is a multi-stage dancing challenge is a bit more intricate, as it will test your knowledge of the landmarks around the Fortnite map. If you aren’t confident, we have it for you step by step.

fortnite water tower

Dance on top of a water tower: The water tower in question is in the southeastern corner of Retail Row. It usually spawns with a chest on top, so be sure to grab it for your troubles.

fortnite ranger tower

Dance on top of a ranger tower: This one should be fairly obvious: the Lonely Lodge ranger tower is visible from quite a distance. It’s also extremely tall, so we recommend dropping in straight on top of it to easily complete this step.

fortnite control tower

Dance on top of an air traffic control tower: As of now, there’s only one major airport on the Fortnite map, and it’s Frosty Flights. Head over there and climb to the top of the large red control tower. Bust a move to finish off this challenge.

Search 7 chests at Wailing Woods or Paradise Palms

This one is self-explanatory. Simply head to Paradise Palms or Wailing Woods and start popping chests open. Once you’ve looted your seventh and final chest, the challenge will complete.

“Search between” riddle

This isn’t this first “search between” riddle this season, and likely won’t be the last. The riddle itself reads as follows: “Search between a giant rock man, a crowned tomato, and an encircled tree.”

fortnite tomato temple
The crowned tomato

The easiest item on the list to find is probably the crowned tomato. The most obvious “crowned tomato” sits atop Tomato Temple.

fortnite rock man
The rock man

Head due east from Tomato Temple and you’ll find the rock man, pictured above. He guards a chest, so be sure to grab it!

fortnite encircled tree
The encircled tree

From the rock man, head south to find this tree on a hillside. It certainly seems encircled.

fortnite battle star location
Your Week 5 Battle Star

Your final task is searching between each of these landmarks. You’ll want to head to the covered bridge that runs over the eastern road out of Tomato Temple. On the southern side of the bridge, you should see a small dirt patch to the left of the entrance. Head to this patch and claim your star. Here’s the star’s exact location on the map:

fortnite battle star map
The battle star on the map

Eliminate 3 enemies closer than 5m away

Your final challenge is deceptively difficult. 5 meters is a lot closer than you may think, so you’ll probably want to grab your shotguns for this one. Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal, and go for headshots to quickly drop your enemies. Once you’ve eliminated three, you’ll complete the challenge.

That’s it for this week’s challenges. We’re only two weeks away from the reveal of the Snowfall skin, so make sure you’re up to date on your weekly challenges if you want to grab the unique skin as soon as it drops!

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