Friday Timewaster: DotWar

Friday Timewaster:  DotWar

DotWar is an unusual strategy game of sorts where you use your Twitter avatar to battle other Tweeters. Your avatar breaks up into individual soldier pixels and wages war against the opposing pixel army!

There’s a single player stage mode, as well as battle and manual modes. Each color in the RGB spectrum represents a different type of soldier – cannon, heavy, gun, raid, ice, shield or utility. You can actually edit your avatar to change the make up of your pixel army.

You can play the game automatically, or turn on manual, which allows you to drag pixels and direct them during battle. It’s bad luck if your avatar happens not to be too strong, but you can always get a new one! Play DotWare in your browser here.

If you’re already on Twitter, why not see if you can beat us: softonic_en?

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