Frustrated with Internet Explorer? Go Green

GreenBrowserIf you’re frustrated with Internet Explorer but don’t fancy moving to Firefox then GreenBrowser is an excellent compromise. GreenBrowser looks very much like IE but it has a few crucial differences.

One of my favourite features is that you can search by simply dragging text into the browser. Alternatively, you can add special search bars according to topics such as news, software, images etc. You can then drag and drop search terms onto these search boxes. GreenBrowser also has a very useful External Toolbar where you can add some frequently used programs. Finally, it features more detailed tabs – each one indicates the status of the page such as ‘downloading’, ‘blank’ or ‘saved’.

On the downside, the browser comes bundled with a terribly cluttered toolbar. There’s everything packed in there from Google, Yahoo and MSN to Baidu Know, Google Image and BT Search. The first thing you’ll want to do is customise this so you can actually see what you’re searching for!

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