Get $260 of Mac software for $20

Get $260 of Mac software for $20

MacHeist.pngDo you want to get the excellent Mac web designer RapidWeaver for just €20? If so, you’ve got less than 48 hours now to claim a superb deal from the MacHeist team with their nanoBundle2 which includes RapidWeaver, Tales of Monkey Island plus nine more apps for the bargain price of $20. Even better, 25% of the profits go to charity so everyone is a winner.

However, until 50,000 bundles have been purchased, RapidWeaver won’t be unlocked so do yourself and everyone that’s bought one a favor and purchase a nanoBundle now. If you’re still not convinced, then check out what else you get for your money, all of which you can try here:

MacJournal Elegant and easy to use Journal designed specifically for Macs

RipIt Easy to use and powerful DVD ripper

Clips Extends the power of your clipboard

CoverScout Search for album covers on Amazon, iTunes Music Store and Google Images.

Flow FTP client designed specifically for Leopard

And if that’s not enough, if you tweet about the MacHeist offer after purchasing, you’ll get these thrown in for free:

Airburst Extreme A fun air-balloon shooting game

Tracks Search iTunes tracks from any app

Burning Monkey Solitaire Solitaire with a fun monkey theme.

Buy the nanoBundle here!

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