Get Digsby IM and social-networking Beta invites

Get Digsby IM and social-networking Beta invites

Digsby reviewHave you ever stopped to think how many online accounts you have? Email addresses, IM accounts, social network profiles… keeping all of them alive and updated can certainly be difficult and time-consuming.

This is why Digsby is a good option for all of us who have registered for a dozen different online services and hardly find the time to catch up with them. Being defined by their developers as an all-in-one IM client, this program is certainly much more than just a cross-network chatting tool. Besides supporting the most popular IM protocols, it also allows you to check messages in different email services and follow updates in your Facebook and Myspace profiles.

Digsby reviewThe good thing about Digsby is that it gathers all the information you need under a single interface, so that you can get a preview of who’s online, how many messages you have and what’s up on your favorite social sites, all in a quick look. Plus, you can configure the program to show a small floating window every time you receive a new message on any of your accounts. I especially liked the possibility to read a small text snippet for each one of my emails, mark them as read or even delete them, all of this without even having to open a browser. Unfortunately you still have to use the traditional web interface if you want to send a reply.

I also liked Digsby’s configuration menu. I appreciated having tons of settings to customize and Digsby did meet my expectations, both in appearance, security, performance and general behavior. The program is very easy to configure and manage, which means you can have it up and running in no time after the installation.

Digsby reviewDigsby’s overall impression is frankly good. That said, don’t forget the program is still in beta stage, which makes it a bit unstable. I had some problems when trying to enter the ICQ network and the Facebook connection didn’t work properly either. Also, I missed having support for some other popular social sites like Twitter, Digg or Flickr, to name a few. Still, I’ll keep my thumbs up for Digsby; it’s got a lot of potential and I’m sure it’ll improve a lot in future releases.

Digsby is currently in private beta. We contacted the developers and they’ve kindly provided us with 1,000 free invites for OnSoftware readers to test Digsby. Simply download the program and use “softonic” as your invite code during the installation process.

Oh, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of the app!

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