Get flashy with presentations

Get flashy with presentations

Flash logoThere’s nothing like Flash to add that extra piece of class to a presentation. Unfortunately, Abobe Flash is not exactly the easiest program to get to grips with. Fortunately, Softonic has a number of programs which will make the job easier for you.

The most popular is Trendy Flash Site Builder which allows you to publish up to 100 pages and even allows you to publish presentations directly onto a CD. It has reams of generic images to suit presentations ranging from business to fun and personal. This is probably the best app to use if you are publishing to the web as it features Automatic Meta Tag generation meaning your presentation gets indexed and thus a better ranking on Google.

A simpler, but equally effective alternative is KoolMoves. It offers you all the major facets of the former program but without some of the special online features. KoolMoves is more suited to those who only intend using the presentation on their laptop or for offline storage. It also features a well written and simple tutorial so that even the most novice Flash users can churn out impressive results.

Finally, there’s Amara Flash Photo Animation which is squarely designed for photos only. No more rigging-up projectors or pulling out slideshows to show your holiday picks, Amara does it all for you and makes it look really swish. Be warned however that this one is not for the faint hearted. The power of the program means you can add some really swanky effects to your photos but as a result, the interface is somewhat cluttered and complicated.

Whatever you choose, youre lack of Flash expertise need not stand between you and putting PowerPoint presentations in the shade.

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