Get SweetFM for Mac absolutely free!

Get SweetFM for Mac absolutely free!

sweetfm2 logoFancy a $29 iTunes/ Mac app absolutely free? Well you can have exactly that with SweetFM which the developer has decided to make completely free and open source. If you regularly use iTunes and LastFM then you’re going to love it. The tiny app allows you to combine the best of both applications under one controller and much more. It used to sell for almost $29 but right now it’s completely free and open source.

SweetFM switches seamlessly between and iTunes. If you get bored of listening to either application at any point, you can just switch in a click. You can configure hotkeys to control most tasks and even use your Apple Remote – useful for parties or just kicking back and relaxing.

sweetfm screenshotBut there’s more to it than that. SweetFM extends functionality with things such as tag-station shuffle. Just enter an artist name with some keywords and let create the playlist for you. You can see what’s next on your playlist in the dock or the statusbar menu. I like the fact that SweetFM also uses album art covers retrieved from when playing major artists.

One other thing worth bearing in mind about SweetFM is that if you want to export tracks to iTunes, it will automatically check for duplicates although this obviously relies on your music being tagged correctly. There’s lots more to SweetFM than this too including CSS skin design support, Skype moods integration and handy Growl notifications.

There’s little to fault with SweetFM and considering it’s now completely open source and free, the time has never been better to try this sweet app.

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