Get yourself in the Christmas cooking mood

Cooking logoApart from holidays and parties, the other great thing about Christmas is the food. It’s an excuse for total indulgence in everything from meat to pastries. It’s also a good time to get your apron out and try making something yourself. Even someone like me with minimal cooking skills, enjoys baking and making mince pies at Christmas. And this year, I’ve even offered to help make the roast turkey so I decided to see if there’s any software to help.

There are several apps out there that can help you with your Christmas cooking. If it’s ideas you’re short of, probably the best for recipes is Recipe Cookbook which has almost 2,500 recipes to keep you going over the festive season. Recipe4win is a simpler application that also has a few thousand recipes and has the unusual option of letting you search for dishes by region of origin in the world. If on the other hand you want to record that secret family recipe for posterity, then Cooking Aficionado has a nice look and means you’ll never be searching for that scrap of paper again. Finally, to help you navigate the madness during the Christmas rush at the supermarket, Grocery List Generator helps you compile quick and comprehensive lists for those all important ingredients.

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