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10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity

10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity


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Gmail is used by billions of people every day. Many workflows rely on email, but Gmail can’t handle everything you need to be efficient and productive. Around 30% of workers’ time is spent reading, sending, or replying to emails. However, not all of your email time is productive. 


A significant chunk of it is spent clearing our inboxes and determining what to prioritize. This is where Gmail extensions and add-ons come in handy. Several plugins, extensions, and add-ons might help you operate more efficiently on Gmail. So, to help you improve your email productivity, we’ve compiled a list of the top Gmail add-ons and extensions.

Simple Gmail Notes

The Simple Gmail Notes extension does exactly what it says in its name. It allows you to add notes to particular emails. It’s a completely ad-free Gmail add-on. There is also a mobile app for the plugin.


  • Add notes to email threads from your inbox.
  • Notes are saved to your Google Drive account.
  • Use multiple Gmail accounts in the same browser.
  • Sync notes between devices and browsers.
  • Works with Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Notes show alongside your emails during printing.
10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity


RightInbox is a Gmail add-on used by over 250,000 professionals and is rated one of the finest. RightInbox can schedule and track emails. You may also use reminders to ensure you don’t forget to respond to or send an email. It is rated one of the top Gmail add-ons and extensions for sales, recruitment, and marketing professionals.


  • Set reminders to ensure you never lose sight of important emails.
  • Track your emails to see who is opening them and who isn’t.
  • Send identical emails to numerous individuals using email templates.
  • Send the same emails at predetermined intervals with the repeating email function.
  • Add GIFs in seconds.
  • Easily integrate your emails with the most common CRMs.
10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity

Checker Plus

Checker Plus for Gmail will alert you when new emails arrive. It is the quickest and most convenient method of managing several email accounts. You may get notifications, read and listen to emails, and delete emails without opening Gmail with the free Gmail add-ons.


  • See who is emailing you, similar to Gmail chat notifications.
  • It can read out emails to visually challenged people.
  • Monitor any custom or Gmail labels.
  • Runs even when Chrome is closed.
  • Pop-up notifications for new email arrivals.
  • View, archive, mark as read, or delete emails from one tab.
10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang’s AI assists you in writing better emails and increasing your email productivity. You can send or reply to messages at a later time by scheduling them. The extension does not require you to be online to send the email.


  • Schedule emails to be sent in the future without having to be online.
  • Defer emails by moving them from your inbox to a folder or label.
  • Notifications for emails that haven’t been responded to.
  • AI-powered assistant ‘Respondable’ estimates the chances of a response and explains the results.
  • Respondable also helps you write messages to increase response rates.
Boomerang DOWNLOAD
10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity


Smartsheet is a widely used tool in enterprises. It’s great for folks who use Smartsheet in their office daily. You may use this plugin to add emails and attachments to Smartsheet rows without leaving Gmail. You may also use this extension to keep track of crucial emails and ensure that relevant information is available to stakeholders.


  • Add emails as remarks to specific rows in sheets. 
  • Organize email attachments in Smartsheet by adding them to a designated row.
  • Create new rows in Smartsheet directly from Gmail to add emails and attachments.
  • Integrate Google Contacts from Gmail into Smartsheet to organically share projects.
10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity

Zoom for Gmail

You can initiate Zoom meetings right from Gmail using Zoom for Gmail. Zoom for Gmail allows you to enjoy faultless video, clear audio, and quick content sharing. If you want to take Zoom calls right from the Gmail interface, this is one of the greatest Gmail add-ons.


  • From within Gmail, conduct high-quality video conferencing.
  • Easily share information and documents.
  • Check your video call schedule within Gmail.
10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity

Evernote for Gmail

By working in a distraction-free environment using Evernote, you can combat inbox overload and improve your Gmail productivity. Evernote, one of the greatest Gmail add-ons, allows you to move what is important from your inbox to a workspace where you can curate material, add context, and remain focused.


  • Organize emails according to importance.
  • Write better emails without any extra effort.
  • Easy search function.
10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity

Slack for Gmail

This add-on is only for Slack users who rely on Slack and email for their day-to-day job. By introducing an email into a Slack channel or direct message, you may quickly advance conversations. You will also be able to attach files and add messages to the email.


  • From your Gmail inbox, you may send messages directly to Slack.
10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity

MailTrack for Gmail

Gmail users may use MailTrack to trace their emails. MailTrack is one of the most popular Gmail add-ons, with over 1.5 million active users. It’s a free Gmail add-on that adds sensible checkmarks to your emails to get Gmail read receipts in your inbox.


  • See which emails have been viewed.
  • Trace whether or not the receiver of your email opened it.
  • Keep track of how many times a recipient clicked on the email and how many times they opened it.
  • Use Mailtrack lists to establish and administer mailing lists.
10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity

DocuSign eSignature

You can transform your browser into a powerful signing tool using DocuSign e-signature. From your Chrome browser, you can check the status of your envelopes, make reminders, sign paperwork, and start collecting signatures.


  • Submit signable documents quickly without printing and scanning.
  • Keep track of the status of your documents.
  • Sign electronically at any time and from practically anywhere.
  • Sign an unlimited number of papers with a single click.
  • Safe and secure extension with legally binding and unique signatures.
  • Completely encrypted on their servers.
10 Gmail add-ons to enhance email productivity


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