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Mireia Fernández

Mireia Fernández

Having a good word processor at hand at all times is essential both in the workplace and in education. While Microsoft Word is the undisputed king of the industry, the high price of the Office or Microsoft 365 office suite makes many opt for an equally good and free option: Google Docs. Google Docs includes all the necessary tools so that you can create professional documents in just a few seconds without spending a penny.

In today’s article we are going to offer you a selection of the best free templates for Google Docs. To help you find them easily, we have divided them according to the type of document you are looking for. You will be able to download free templates for resumes, reports, invoices, quotes… In addition, we will also show you how to install the templates so that you can start using them in a few seconds. Here we go!

Google Docs DOWNLOAD

What do I need to use Google Docs?

Accessing Google Docs is very simple. As we have already mentioned, Google’s word processor is completely free and to make use of this tool you only need to have a Gmail account. If you are already a Gmail user, you can start using Google Docs from Google Drive or directly from its website.

Don’t have a Gmail account yet? Don’t worry, creating one is totally free and very simple. All you have to do is access its official website and follow the steps that appear on the screen.

Página oficial de Google Drive

How to use the list templates

Using our collection of Google Docs templates is very simple. There are two types of template in our selection. The first one will show you the template in preview mode and, after clicking the blue “Use Template” button, a copy will be created in your Google documents.

Utilizar plantilla en Google Docs

The second one will show the template in protected mode and in order to edit it we will need to copy it to our account. To do this click on “File” followed by “Make a copy”. After that a duplicate of the template will be generated in your Google account so you can edit it as you wish.

Utilizar plantilla de Google Docs

Free Resume (CV) Templates

No matter how well prepared we are, getting a job is always a challenge. There are usually hundreds of applicants for the same position. Our best weapon? Undoubtedly a good CV. These are our letter of introduction when it comes to getting a job and an effective method to stand out from our competitors.

Below these lines you will find a great selection of free templates to make resumes.

1. Moo Resume

2. Smart and professional resume

3. The Clean CV

4. Creative Two Page Resume

5. Resume with Boxes

6. Infographic Resume

7. Circles Resume

8. Minimalistic Infographic Resume

9. Professional visual resume

Free cover letter templates

Another decisive factor when it comes to getting a job is to accompany your resume with a cover letter. It demonstrates not only interest in the job but also conveys professionalism. A good cover letter will undoubtedly attract the attention of the HR team and tip the balance in your favor.

1. Contemporary cover letter

2. Crisp and clean cover letter

3. Minimalist cover letter

Plantilla Minimalist Cover Letter

Free templates to make advertising brochures

The best way to promote a product, idea or project is through brochures. Google Docs is a perfect tool to create all kinds of advertising in the blink of an eye. Don’t have the time or equipment to design your own brochure? Don’t worry, here are some free templates that will help you succeed.

1. Purple tri fold brochure

Plantilla Purple Tri Fold Brochure

2. Food Menu Brochure

Plantilla Food Menu Brochure

3. Business Tri Fold Brochure

Business Tri Fold Brochure

4. Business Conference Brochure

Business Conference Brochure

5. Digital marketing

Plantilla Digital Marketing

6. Book launch

Plantilla Book Launch

7. Simple marketing

Plantilla Simple Marketing

Free invoice templates

If you run a business or are self-employed, you will know the importance of generating invoices. Invoices need to be clear, minimalist and clearly show the customer both the price and the service provided. While at first glance this may seem like an easy task, it’s not. To make your life easier, here is a selection of invoice templates.

1. Basic Invoice

Plantilla Basic Invoice

2. Professional Invoice

Plantilla Professional Invoice

3. Delivery Invoice

Plantilla Delivery Invoice

4. White Blue Invoice

Plantilla White Blue Invoice

Free business card templates

A business card is an essential tool to publicize your services and attract future clients. They must be eye-catching and clear, as well as elegant. Remember that a bad business card translates as a lost client, so it is not a factor that you should take lightly. If you want to make a good impression, don’t hesitate to use one of these templates.

1. Corporate business card

Plantilla Corporate Business Card

2. Transparent business card

Plantilla Transparent Business Card

3. Minimalistic business card

Plantilla Minimalistic Business Card

4. Basic business card

Plantilla Basic Business Card

Free templates for newsletters and bulletins

Newsletters and bulletins are a fun way to share information with your customers, employees, colleagues or members of the same group. A good newsletter is especially useful if you have an ever-changing business or work in publishing. This way you can easily share your latest products and publications with your users. If you don’t want to spend hours designing your own newsletter, we recommend downloading one of these free templates.

1. Newsletter executive

Plantilla Newsletter Executive

2. School newsletter

Plantilla School Newsletter

3. Retail newsletter

Plantilla Retail Newsletter

Free templates to make publications and magazines

If you’re the editor of a local newspaper or magazine, you’ll need your publication to be attractive enough at first glance to attract new readers. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, here are some useful templates.

1. Creative magazine

Plantilla Creative Magazine

2. Daily News

Plantilla Daily News

Free templates for students and teachers

Whether you are a student or a teacher, you will need all the help you can get to complete all your tasks. Since word processing is the bread and butter of the education sector, there are a number of templates specially designed to make your life much easier. Here is a selection of templates specially designed for students and teachers.

1. Class notes

As the name suggests, to establish the grades of each student. Two columns appear to indicate the grade and a short text. In addition, the name and course can be placed at the top.

2. Template with bibliography

A perfect template for creating academic papers. Everything appears structured by chapters and even with the introduction of bibliography. Highly recommended.

Need more free templates?

If you haven’t found the template you were looking for in our list, don’t worry. Google Docs has an enviable selection of free templates designed to make your life much easier. Don’t know how to find them? Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Documents
  2. In the “Create a new document” section, select “Template Gallery”.
  3. Once the drop-down menu opens, select the template you want to use.

All the templates in the Google Docs gallery are fully customizable, making them perfect for creating any type of project. If you are not convinced you can also choose to visit sites like, where you will find a wide selection of free templates.

template gallery de Google Docs

Can I create my own template from Google Docs?

Yes, the free version of Google Docs allows you to create your own custom templates. To do this you will need to open one of the already created templates from the Docs gallery (see the previous point) and then edit it to your liking. Once done, rename the template and save it as a new one. It’s as simple as that!

Creando una plantilla personalizada

Get the most out of Docs with these templates

We hope our selection of free templates for Google Docs has helped you. Now you just have to try them all and see which one best suits your business or projects.

Mireia Fernández

Mireia Fernández

Mireia Fernández es una apasionada del mundo de los videojuegos y las nuevas tecnologías cuya afición se remonta al MSX HB 501p de su niñez. Nacida y residente en Barcelona, Mireia lleva más de 10 años ejerciendo como editora y está especializada en la redacción de análisis, tutoriales y guías de software así como también en darlo todo para tratar de publicar noticias antes que nadie. Entre sus aficiones está pasar horas y horas jugando con la consola, pasear a su golden retriever y mantenerse al día de las novedades del mundo SEO.

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