Google’s new game console controller revealed

As speculation and rumor ramps up on the eve of Google’s much-anticipated entry into the gaming world, newly discovered patent images may reveal what that entry could actually look like.

Recently discovered patents filed by Google have spread like wildfire across the internet over the past few days. The patents in question are for a console controller in the same vein as the analog controllers used by console giants PlayStation and Xbox. The patent image itself shows a small, sleek looking controller with all of the features one might expect to see: a D-pad, analog sticks, and standard four button layout. A closer look at the patent’s text, however, reveals several features that set the Google controller apart from the competition.

google controller project stream project yeti
Image courtesy US Patent and Trademark Office

Unlike other controllers, Google’s controller boasts an internet connection. Essentially, this means the controller itself becomes the console, able to launch games and access your related accounts on any host device. All a player needs is a controller. Whether it’s playing on a friend’s TV or switching to tablet in another room, the controller is the only device necessary to actually play the games.

This would mean an incredibly mobile and portable gaming experience that isn’t tethered by wires or an actual physical console. With its internet connection, the controller could also access data like save files, keybindings, and other settings. The patent also details a feature that would enable the controller to audibly alert players when they’re invited to join a game. After hearing the alert, the player could simply grab the controller and connect to their nearest device to jump into the match in a matter of seconds.

All of these specifications go hand-in-hand with Google’s other gaming-related projects. Foremost among these projects is Project Stream. Touted as a “Netflix for games,” Project Stream would allow players to access and stream a vast library of games directly through a browser, such as Google Chrome. The project’s beta allowed testers to stream Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in a browser window, and was met with much praise and success.

Project Stream would pair nicely with an internet-capable controller. Google isn’t the first company to head into the world of game streaming. After Sony’s wild success with PlayStation Now, a service that allows gamers to stream a vast library of games directly to a PC or PS4, a host of other companies have also announced plans to develop game streaming services. Google’s other gaming project, Project Yeti, was rumored to be a console of some kind; with all of its features, it seems like the controller itself could actually be the mysterious Project Yeti.

The revelation of this new controller comes on the eve of Google’s much-anticipated appearance at the Game Developers Conference, where they are expected to make some major announcements for their plans for the gaming scene. Interested gamers should tune in to their panel on March 19 to learn more about Project Stream and Google’s future in the gaming world.

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