Google Sightseeing: Asia

Touring around AsiaOK, so I crossed over Europe to Asia but I then realised it’s a really, really big continent and got worried I might get a bit tired. Then I remembered I don’t need to move anywhere because my trip will all be conducted via Google Earth. Phew. I decided to start by going to the place everyone else seemed to be headed for. It’s called Mecca and it’s mega. As it’s strictly off-limits for anyone who doesn’t follow Islam, this was probably my only chance to see it and I wasn’t disappointed.

Next up, I paid a visit to the only man in the world who earns more than a Softonic content editor, the Sultan of Brunei, and was pretty impressed with his crib. Another nice little abode was the Taj Mahal, which was built by an Indian man to the memory of his dead wife. I think I’ll just stick with flowers.

I also discovered that Asia is full of boats, which aren’t always where you expect them to be. After checking out the hundreds of vessels in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, I trekked to Uzbekistan where I clapped eyes on this huge ship stranded in the middle of the desert. Spooky. To take my mind off this eerie discovery I headed for the world’s biggest indoor theme park in South Korea before jetting over to Dubai, where they have created the whole world in the form of a series of islands off the coast. Hmmm, maybe I can just stay here instead of carrying on my global Google Earth tour. We’ll see.

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