Google Sightseeing: Europe

Europe's a fascinating placeAfter experiencing the over-the-top commercialism of the USA I’ve decided it’s time for some culture, so I’ve hit Europe on the next leg of the insideTonic Google Earth global tour. The continent is a world away from the modern delights of America and it was great to explore the ancient wonders of the Acropolis in Athens and the Colleseum in Rome. Unfortunately, by the time I got to Pisa in Italy my copy of Google Earth didn’t seem to be working properly, as this tower appeared to be a little wonky when I viewed it.

Thankfully this glitch didn’t last long. After managing to scale Europe’s largest mountain as I crossed the alps, I arrived in Paris where the Eiffel tower appeared much straighter than the last one I’d been to. After a quick dinner date with an odd looking man at Notre Dame, I was off again. This time it was over the former iron curtain of the Berlin wall to the East where I visited Auschwitz in Poland and the Kremlin in Moscow.

When I got to London, Big Ben told me that time was running out before I head to my next continent, so I quickly hopped across to check out the strange monoliths of Stonehenge. Of course, no trip to England would be complete without a visit to Freddy Mercury’s house, and after that I headed for the bibical mountain of Ararat in Turkey, from where I’ll launch my assault on Asia next time.

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